Rebel Media Marketing

What if your social media marketing were easy?

At Rebel Media, we have come up with a service that makes it easy and then some.

The goods:

  • Monthly photo shoots and gorgeous images to use however you wish (slight restrictions apply)

  • Rebel Media posts those photos to your Instagram account and Facebook page

  • You can either run with our service and know you have a great online presence or still make your own social media posts to augment your investment

It’s super simple!

  1. Sign up for a one-year subscription to Rebel Media Social Marketing

  2. Pick a convenient time for your monthly 40 minute photo shoot at your place of business

  3. Rebel Media shows up and photographs #AllTheThings (see below for some ideas)

  4. We send you the best images and you pick 8 (if you want more than 8 you can buy more!)

  5. We take those 8 beautiful photos and post them to Instagram and Facebook for you

  6. #Profit

(Spaces for this offering are extremely limited)

By clicking the above link you will be taken to our sign up and scheduling app. You will be charged for your first month immediately and can schedule your first photo shoot.

This is super affordable for what you’re getting...
— Bobby Beals, Art Dealer


running the numbers

12 photo shoots

Rebel Media visits once a month to capture timely, fresh, and fantastic photos

96 gorgeous photos

8 photos every month that you can use over, and over, and over again (you get the idea)

192 social media posts

2 posts a week to Instagram and Facebook using your 8 monthly photos (we think the math checks out)

Never ending value

Never ending value

The nitty-gritty FAQs


What’s this magic service cost?

Let’s answer a question by asking you a few questions? What did you pay for your last professional photo shoot? And what do you pay (or been pitched to pay) for social media marketing? Our guess (not really, we’ve done the research) is that in technical terms it’s A LOT. It doesn’t have to be this way! What if you paid $385 per month for:

  • Monthly visits from Rebel Media for photo shoots that are fun, easy, and quick.

  • Beautiful photos (not stock) of your products, services, studio, office, employees, etc. that you can use for your social media, print advertising, website and blog posts, and just about anything you could imagine.

  • An Instagram account and Facebook page filled with attractive and engaging photos and posts that helps to grow your business.

How do these monthly photo shoots work?

Rebel Media sends you a reminder towards the end of every month to schedule your photo shoot for the following month. You simply click a link, pick an available time, and…that’s it!

Rebel Media shows up at the appointed time with our gear to take photos. We bring a fancy camera, a tripod, and a flash and get to work. When you pick your appointment time you can also let us know what you’d like photographed. We work quickly, efficiently, and then get out of your hair. Like a photographic ninja or something. The emphasis is on photos that are fresh, spontaneous, and authentic.

Each photo shoot is precisely 40 minutes long from start to finish.

And then what?

Rebel Media goes back to our studio HQ to download the images, pick the best ones, and then we send you the photos for you to pick your 8 monthly shots. Those 8 photos get edited and polished and used for your social media. We also send them to you to add to your archives to use again, and again, and again. No royalty fees, no hassles, no stress.

Why 8 photos?

8 photos is a nice round number and it supports two posts a week to Instagram as well as Facebook. That’s a great posting frequency for most accounts. You can either focus on other things and know that you have a vibrant and active online presence, or you can still make your own posts in addition to Rebel Media’s and augment your investment.

What if I want more than 8 photos from a shoot?

Not a problem, you can pick more and then you pay $20 per extra photo which Rebel Media adds to the monthly delivery of finished images.

I can really use them however I want?

There are two restrictions that we apply to this agreement and which we feel are very fair and reasonable:

  1. Copyright remains with Rebel Media. You cannot claim ownership or creation of the images. Don’t worry, you get our super generous usage rights.

  2. You cannot use the images for merchandise or retail products without express written permission.

However, beyond that, use them to your heart’s content. Post them on your website; share them on alternative social media channels; add them to make your email newsletters more exciting; or print them in ads or on flyers.

What if I just want the photo shoots and images and NOT the social media posting?

Not a problem! Talk to us about our photo shoot service that provides everything except the social media posting. It’s less expensive but works the same.

What if I just want the social media posting and NOT the photo shoots?

Rebel Media is a visually oriented company, and first and foremost we are a professional photography, video, web design, and marketing organization. We only work with images that Rebel Media created for our social media services (at this time).

Who are some of Rebel Media’s clients?

We work with exciting, energetic businesses and organizations that do amazing things, such as:

  • Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

  • The Essential Guide

  • Southwest Contemporary

  • The Santa Fe Opera

  • Opuntia Cafe

  • Paloma Restaurant

  • Better Together

  • Santa Fe Dining

  • ArtYard Lofts

  • Temple + Tribe

  • The Design Corps of Santa Fe

  • New Mexico Suicide Intervention Program

  • The Lifelink

Questions? Use the form below and we will respond promptly.

Name *


Plain English (hooray!):

You agree to a twelve (12) month agreement with Rebel Media for the relevant services. Once you sign up you will be automagically charged monthly.

You agree to the following terms for the photo shoots:

  • shoots are for 40 minutes

  • you get to select 8 photos per shoot

  • you can elect to purchase more photos from each shoot for $20/each

  • photo shoots must be used each month and they cannot be combined or banked for future visits

  • you get extremely generous usage rights for photos shot by Rebel Media EXCEPT resale rights, use on retail merchandise

  • photos remain copyright of Rebel Media

You agree to the following terms for social media and marketing work:

- You hold harmless Rebel Media from any activity related to social media posting, sharing, and distribution

You can use the calendar below to book your appointment or to sign up