Better Together

Daisy Geoffrey, the Owner of clothing boutique Better Together, wanted a video to help promote a makeup workshop that will take place at her store. She wanted a video that was vibrant, bright, energetic, and had lots of natural movement.

Daisy arranged for the makeup artist, Noel Dalton of The Vanity Makeup and Skin Tea Tonic Beauty, to do a makeup session with Daisy and for Rebel Media to document it.

Fortunately, Better Together has great lighting, so we set up Daisy and Noel in one of the corners of the store next to some mirrors. Then we had one camera on a tripod capturing various shots as we moved it around while simultaneously shooting with a handheld camera that allowed us to walk around Daisy and Noel. The main trick was trying to avoid reflections in the mirrors (think we did a pretty good job).

There was a lot of footage to go through from the two cameras afterwards, but it provided us a lot of great shots to edit together the requested thirty second video. We also took photos to help with Daisy’s marketing campaign, and we think she looks absolutely lovely!

Makeup artist Noel Dalton working on Daisy

Makeup artist Noel Dalton

Daisy looking beautiful

Another shot of Daisy