Navigating the need for professional creative services can be mind boggling. Here we try to answer the most frequently asked questions to help you start the conversation with us.

What does professional photography and/video cost?

There’s a lot of considerations for the expenses, fees, and costs of digital media. Some projects may be as straightforward as pointing a camera at something and *click we’re done! Others may require a lot of planning, hair and makeup stylists, food or design stylists, production assistants, craft services, special lighting or gear, and more. We know that this can make it challenging to budget, but know that the majority of Rebel Media photography projects are roughly $225/hr. But please, contact us with the details about your specific photo project for more information.

Professional video has even more considerations than professional photography. Adding motion and sound presents more technical challenges and editing video takes much longer than editing photos. Video shoots tend to take longer than photo shoots and involve more equipment and gear. Rebel Media specializes in short, quick videos that are very affordable and engaging, so do contact us about your needs to discuss it in more detail.

Some basic questions that need to be answered:

  • How soon do you need the project completed/delivered?
    There may be a rush fee depending on your desired timeline.

  • How complex is your photo project?
    Does it require extra people such as models/talent? Does it require extra assistance such as hair/makeup artists, food stylists, production assistants, etc.? Does it require special permits for shooting in a particular location? Does it require extra technical considerations such as lighting, extra equipment, or specialized cameras/lenses?

  • How complex is your video project?
    In addition to similar questions as above, what are your audio requirements, do we need to record sound, or an interview, or multiple people speaking? Do we need to use multiple camera angles? How long will the final video be, and where will it be used?

Are the photos and videos “mine”?

When you hire a professional photographer, you are securing their skills and ability to produce a particular photo or photos. And you get to use the photos in the agreed upon terms. Sometimes these are incredibly restrictive, or come with royalty agreements (read: payments) if used for a period of time or in a way that extends upon a certain initial agreement. The most important thing to remember is that the photo(s) belong to the photographer as the creator of the original image. They maintain full copyright and ownership unless negotiated in very specific ways (you’re gonna want a lawyer because this gets complex with terms like “work for hire” and transferring copyright is not easy to do even when desired by both parties).

Typically, Rebel Media allows their photography clients to use any photos produced as part of a project in any manner except for resale to third parties or used for merchandise or retail products. All images remain copyright of Rebel Media, we NEVER transfer copyright. Also, we never give RAW unedited image files and very rarely provide all the images from a shoot, selecting the very best for the client to review and use.

Video projects with Rebel Media mean that you are hiring us to produce a particular video and the rights to use that video in an agreed upon manner. We never pass working video files to a client, only the final approved edited version. Further videos edited or “cut” from extant working files can be done as another independent project with separate fees from the original video project.

What information is helpful prior to contacting Rebel Media regarding my particular project?

Details that are useful for getting you a timely and accurate estimate:

  • What type of project are you considering: photography, video, social media/marketing, web design, or a combination?

  • When do you need your project completed by?
    This can help us let you know if we have the capacity to take on your project within your desired timeline. Sometimes a rush fee may be added if you need work completed in a compressed time frame.

  • What is your budget?
    Budget will help determine the possibilities for your project. We may not require the full amount, but we might be able to make suggestions to increase the quality and usefulness of the work we create for you.

  • Do you have examples of the type of work you are looking for?
    Sharing examples of the types of images, videos, work, or websites you want can help us figure out the technical requirements as well as an appropriate budget.

  • How will you be using the work?
    There can be factors that influence your project, such as needing to use a video for broadcast television versus online social media. Or if you need to photograph something in a particular aspect ratio to fit print advertising space or to use for Instagram versus your website.