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What We Do


Photos get you attention. Great photos get you the right kind of attention, representing your brand in the best way to get your audience excited about what you do.


Take things to the next level with video. Rebel Media specializes in short form videos with energy that are perfect for your website and social media.

Web Design

Your website is your digital headquarters, and Rebel Media has built dozens of websites for clients of all kinds. Let us create the perfect online representation of your brand that will help you accomplish your business goals.

Social Media

Your Instagram account (and other social media) demand constant fresh content to keep things engaging for your customers. Rebel Media has unique offerings that help you “feed the machine” and stay ahead of the competition.


Get in Touch

Visit Rebel Media at our beautiful two-floor studio that we share with The Magazine. Or you can use the contact form on this page to send a message…we’ll reply as soon as possible!

1415 W Alameda Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501


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